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CUP-15-26T, Communications Outage Exercise

21 Nov 2015. What-if scenario: loss of power and communications
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CUP-15-24T, Sheriff's Heroes Run

7 Nov 2015. Public Service Event supporting the SCC Valley Medical Center Pediatrics
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CUP-15-18T, Cupertino Citizens Corp Zone One Exercise

17 Oct 2015. Deploy CCC teams to assess specific areas in the City and report to the Command Post
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CUP-15-21T, Field Day

27 Jun 2015. ... also known as the CARES Emergency Field Communications Drill, this is an annual event for CARES to practice getting on the air under adverse conditions. As in past years, we will set up in front of City Hall and the Library. Various modes will be put to use including HF, VHF, packet, ATV, and Wi-Fi to name a few.
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CUP-15-20T, ISA Exercise

16 May 2015. Infrastructure Safety Assessment Exercise
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CUP-15-200, Missing Person

21 Apr 2015. CCC was activated and responded over 4 operational periods in search of a missing teenager. CARES logged 138 volunteer hours with the total CCC response about 340 hours.
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CUP-15-16T, Cupertino's Big Bunny Fun Run!

4 Apr 2015. Cupertino Recreation and Community Services hosted its 10th annual 5K run/walk, a shorter 3K walk, and a Children's Run, all in the neighborhood surrounding the Cupertino Civic Center.
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CUP-15-10T, PSA Exercise

24 Jan 2015. Annual Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill
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CUP-14-25T, Field Packet Deployment

15 Nov 2014. Full Packet Deployment; 6 Packet teams were deployed to 2 ARKs opened and staffed by CERT. CERT Staff also acted as the SIM CELL and provided all message injects to the Packet Operators.
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CUP-14-24T, Sheriff's Heroes Run

8 Nov 2014. The SO and VMC sponsor an annual Sheriff's Heroes 5K run/walk fund raiser for the Pediatrics Unit of VMS. This was the first year the venue was held in Cupertino.
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Upcoming Activities

4 Mar 2021, General Meeting
CuSD System Overview. 7:30pm to 9:00pm, Teleconference   

1 Apr 2021, General Meeting
SJW System Overview. 7:30pm to 9:00pm, Teleconference   

6 May 2021, General Meeting
ISA Exercise Prep. 7:30pm to 9:00pm, Teleconference   

15 May 2021, ISA Field Comm Exercise
8:00am to 12:00pm, Details to follow   

3 Jun 2021, General Meeting
Field Day Prep; 4th of July Prep(?). 7:30pm to 9:00pm, Teleconference