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Updated: 27 November 2021


All CARES members should review, understand, and load your radios with the frequencies that we use.

Operating Frequencies

Assignment Frequency Notes

Resource Net, Alt

147.570s, Tone, 151.4

TAC1, Simplex
Resource Net Alt2 147.570s, CT/TSQL, 151.4 TAC11, Simplex
Message Net 146.460s, Tone, 151.4 TAC2, Simplex
Resource Net 440.150+, Tone, 100.0 TAC3, W6TDM Repeater
Resource Net, Direct 440.150s, Tone, 100.0 TAC4, W6TDM output
Field Tactical 441.000s, CT/TSQL, 151.4 TAC5, Simplex
Field Tactical 147.585s, Tone, 151.4 TAC6, Simplex
Command Net 442.000+, Tone, 151.4 TAC7, WW6HP Repeater
Command Net Direct 442.000s, Tone, 151.4 TAC8, WW6HP Output

Packet Frequencies

Assignment Frequency Notes

Primary BBS

145.750, 223.620, 433.570   

Connect: W1XSC-1
Secondary BBS 145.690, 223.600, 433.550    Connect: W4XSC-1


CHIRP files

CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio; see the download page here. The following files are configured for Cupertino ARES operations. While frequencies are listed in a specific order, you can re-arrange them to suit your particular setup. Also, if you create a version for your favorite radio, please submit it for posting here.


Commercial Frequency Guard

During an activation, CARES Net Control Station (NCS) may request one or more net participants to listen to the following Emergency Alert System (EAS) Local Primary (LP) stations and other stations of interest to monitor for reports for five minutes, then return to this net and report on what was heard. Additionally, other Amateur Radio frequencies are also included as part of the Guard.

Station Frequency Purpose


740 KHz AM

LP1, National Primary EAS Station
KFBK 1530 KHz AM CA State Primary EAS Station
KLIV 1590 KHz AM Public AM station (Local CNN News)


Upcoming Activities

2 Feb 2023, Exercise Drill Prep
Topic: Prep for the January Alt911 Field deployment, 7:30pm, Zoom   

18 Feb 2023, ALT911 Exercise
Field deployment with packet and voice message passing, 8:30am to 12:00pm   

25 Feb 2023, County Quarterly Comm Drill
CARES plan is TBD. 09:00 to 13:00.   

2 Mar 2023, General Meeting
Topic: TBD, 7:30pm, Zoom   

6 Apr 2023, General Meeting
Topic: TBD, 7:30pm Zoom   

4 May 2023, General Meeting
Topic: TBD, 7:30pm, Zoom   

1 Jun 2023, General Meeting
Summer Event Planning -- ARRL Field Day, 4th of July. 7:30pm, Zoom