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CUP-22-39T, Canyon Trails Fire Evacuation

21 May 2022. Support an evacuation of westend residents caused by a wildland fire.
Exercise Plan | Drill Prep | Drill Prep, CERT | Drill Prep, Recording | IAP* | Injects | After Action Report | Retrospective |

CUP-22-10T, GMRS ARK-to-EOC Test

12 Mar 2022. Perform an ARK to Comm 469 GMRS radio test on GMRS simplex and a repeater channel.
Test Plan | After Action Report |

CUP-21-39T, City‚Äźwide Communications Outage

20 Nov 2021. This is field communications exercise that will focus on ARK activations and intra-city 3rd party message passing.
Exercise Plan | IAP* | Drill Prep | After Action Report |

CUP-21-24T, ISA Communications Exercise

15 May 2021. This exercise is to test existing and new Cupertino ARES tools and procedures for the Infrastructure Safety Assessment (ISA).
CuSD Overview | SJWC Overview* | Drill Prep* | Exercise Plan | After Action Report | AAR Review |

CUP-21-31T, PSA Exercise

23 Jan 2021. Annual Preliminary Safety Assessment Exercise
After Action Report |

CUP-20-40T, First Look Area Assessment

14 Nov 2020. CARES proposed an assessment of all roads within Cupertino with the intent to jump-start the DPW response effort with a list of already-identified problems.
Exercise Plan | Process (Draft) | Map Book | Drill Prep | Drill Review | After Action Report |

CUP-20-31T, IDR Plan, Test #1

13 Aug 2020. This is the first test of the Citizen Corps Infectious Disease Response Plan, to be held in conjunction with the SCCo RACES Quarterly Exercise.
Exercise Plan |

CUP-20-39T, Pandemic + Power and Comm Outage (Planned)

16 May 2020. Communications functional exercise based on a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event that occurs during a pandemic (COVID-19).
Packet Review | Alt911 Update | ALT911 Message Form | Drill Prep | Voice Injects | Packet Injects | Exercise Plan, Rev2.4 | After Action Report |

CUP-18-34T, 2018 Earthquake Comm Exercise

15 Dec 2018. Citizen Corps Exercise: open ARKS to Activation Level 2; staff 2 Op Periods, Alt911 Message passing to County Comm.
Forms Overview | ARK Overview | Intro to Alt911 | 911 Message Form | Drill Prep | Exercise Plan | Injects | Incident Action Plan | After Action Report | AAR Review | AAR Review for Disaster Council |

CUP-18-35T, Wildland Fire Threat Exercise

12 May 2018. Communications functional exercise based on a Wildland Urban Interface fire event that is threatening the City.
SCCFD Review | Drill Prep | Exercise Plan | Injects | Incident Action Plan | After Action Report |

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Upcoming Activities

1 Dec 2022, General Meeting
Topic: Exercise Review (?), Year in Review, 7:30pm, Zoom   

7 Dec 2022, New Member Orientation
A short introduction to CARES. 7pm-8pm, Location TBD   

5 Jan 2023, Drill Prep
Topic: Prep for the January Alt911 Field deployment, 7:30pm, Zoom   

21 Jan 2023, ALT911 Exercise
Field deployment with packet and voice message passing, 8:30am to 12:00pm