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12.02, CCC Technology Roadmap


Completed April-2012


Cupertino's ARKS are essentially shipping containers with supplies to support a Cupertino Citizens Corps (CARES, CERT, MRC) Field Response. Since the Arks have been in place (over 6 years as of 2015), the City has held several drills where the ARKS were activated. Following each drill, After Action Reports are developed that identify what worked and areas for improvement.

As the teams get more comfortable with the manual processes that have been defined, it is clear to many CCC members that more efficiencies can be achieved by applying specific technologies that are common in our homes and where we work. It is with this in mind that the need for a Technology plan or Roadmap was proposed.

The approach for a Roadmap lays out the evolution and deployment plan for technologies in a manner that ensures they can be defined, understood, adopted, deployed, and supported. A Roadmap essentially defines a phased roll-out; it is not a BIG BANG (deploy it all at once). A phased approach allows the teams to incrementally improve the operating environment so that the entire ARK response is not in rework at any one time. A PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle is one way to think about the high level sequence of events that could be followed.




Cupertino Citizen Corps Technology Roadmap, February 2012

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Document is in maintenance; updates are made as required.


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