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Comm Outage Exercise, this time by Packet

Field Teams

Posted by Jim KN6PE, 7 May 2016

CARES hosted a second Communications Outage exercise with the support of Cupertino Citizen Corps, the big difference was passing all simulated 911 message traffic by packet. How did we do? Eleven field teams were deployed with scenarios heavily weighted toward 911 traffic. Considering the time to set up individual packet stations, and that this was a predominantly off-the-grid event, we passed more 911 traffic to County Comm in less time! And, they were all legible!

See the entire list of 911 Messages that were received by our simulated County Comm packet station as well as the event's After Action Report. Also, check out the Photo Album for a look at some of the field stations!   More Details...

Big Bunny Fun Run a hit!

Pre-event briefing

28 Mar 2016

Cupertino Citizen Corps turned out in force to support the City's 11th Annual 5K race, an event where proceeds go to "Charity: Water", an organization whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person in the world.

Over 30 CARES, CERT, and MRC members supported the event throughout the course. Watch for the After Action Report for a summary on how it went.   

ARKnet, Lehigh Sector Site on line

ARKnet Lehigh Build Team

Posted by Marcel AI6MS, 27 Feb 2016

It brings me great pleasure to inform you that we have successfully deployed the Lehigh Sector Site today at the Lehigh Permanente Cement Plant. The installation went very smoothly and all systems are fully operational at this time. The Lehigh Plant has been exceptionally welcoming and accommodating for this project. Their approval for using this site was the final step in making this project possible. Check out the Photo Album for a look at the action.

A special thanks to Judy KK6EWQ, Allan KD6QPP, Kenneth W6KWF, and Jim KN6PE for their assistance in the installation and preparations for this site deployment!

In the coming months, we'll be deploying multiple client sites for ARKnet around the city. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more or helping with these client sites.   More Details...

15th Annual PSA performed in record time

Filling out the COES 105 form

Posted by Jim KN6PE, 16 Jan 2016

CARES completed its annual Preliminary Safety Assessment exercise with 15 members participating. PSA messages were passed with terrific efficiency with the drill wrapped up in under 45 minutes! Even after 15 years of PSA drills, there were still new learning that were uncovered, the top one being how to handle multi-unit dwellings in the roll-up. We recognize this needs to be sorted out before next year's drill. See the After Action Report link here.   More Details...

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Upcoming Activities

2 Jun 2022, Monthly Meeting
Field Day, Forth of July Prep, 7:30p to 9:00p, by Teleconf   

25 Jun 2022, ARRL Field Day
8:00am to 5:00pm, Location to be determined   

4 Jul 2022, Forth of July PSE
CARES, CERT, and MRC support for Cupertino's annual Fireworks event. **PENDING**   

3 Aug 2022, New Member Orientation
A short introduction to CARES. 7pm-8pm, Location TBD   

2 Nov 2022, New Member Orientation
A short introduction to CARES. 7pm-8pm, Location TBD